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Welcome to the art of New Zealand artist Harold Coop - colourful, contemporary landscapes. His work explores the area between impressionist or expressionist landscape and pure abstract art and show his continual delight in painting, and in the visual world.

He draws on contemporary art movements, but also incorporates the colour of gold as did mediaeval artists to denote something precious - in this case, our land, sea and sky.

Paintings of New Zealand landscape art

New Zealand Landscape painting book by Harold Coop

About Harold Coop
Harold’s paintings are available in New Zealand, and internationally. Check the galleries page for information on, and links to, leading private galleries, especially in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, with a population approaching 1.5 million.
Harold’s book of commentary and landscape paintings “A Vision of New Zealand” (Saint Publishing, Auckland) was recently released. Check the book page for details. He has also been included in "New Zealand's Favourite Artists," (edited by Denis Robinson.)
About Harold Coop
Harold Coop is a New Zealand artist, working in the field of contemporary landscape combined with abstraction. He has had numerous one-man exhibitions throughout New Zealand, and has also exhibited in France, England, and Australia.