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A Vision of New Zealand

Many books of photographs convey the wonder of New Zealand’s landscape to the world.  

Harold Coop's book of paintings "A Vision of New Zealand" does that, but also follows follows the lifetime journey of an artist in response to this landscape, as his style evolves from realistic painting towards semi-abstraction.

The fascination of the book for readers is to explore this exciting journey and share the joy of combining the pleasures of landscape, and of paint, into an imaginary world, crystallising the beauty of our land.

The artist is a colourist who combines imagination and the adventure of abstract painting, into landscape. As mediaeval artists used gold to illustrate precious things, he uses it to create precious icons of our land. 

Advanced book design, including double-page spreads, graphically reveals the artist’s vision to the wider public.

The artist/author is also a published novelist and communicator, and the explanation is clear and comprehensible, avoiding the jargon often associated with art criticism.

The book, released in October 2006, is published by Saint Publishing, Auckland, www.saintpublish.co.nz